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About the Park

January 9th, 2018

Legal documentation


“Kirishskaya Servisnaya Kompaniya” LLC provides residents of the industrial park “Levoberezhny” with optimal conditions for doing business in the modern market environment. It creates the basis for a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship.


To sell all the lots of the industrial park to investors, to focus on the efficient engineering infrastructure management and serve park residents. To actively participate in creating the investment attractiveness of Kirishsky district of the Leningrad region. To promote the economic development of the Leningrad region by providing successful industrial production.


“Kirishskaya Servisnaya Kompaniya” LLC owns all the territories, buildings and objects in the industrial park “Levoberezhny”. Being the owner, KSK LLC sells and leases vacant land plots. Being the management company, it ensures the proper operation of all infrastructure facilities.
KSK specialists can help potential residents with
– town-planning documents;
– getting the technical specification for gas and steam;
– getting the sanitary certificate of the land appropriateness;
– getting documents confirming the land category and type of the allowed usage;
– legal support of transactions on acquisition of property rights to land.
The management company provides residents with electricity, water supply and drainage, telecommunications, and Internet access. KSK LLC also provides logistics railway services and leases offices in the park administration building.