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November 24th, 2015

Dario Iannetti CEO of Confindustria which is the main non-governmental organization uniting Italian businesspeople has visited “Levoberezhniy” industrial park.

During the visit mr. Iannetti explored the possibilities of infrastructure of industrial park and the principles of  management company functioning. Special attention was paid to the such advantages of the area as possibility to place hazardous enterprises, significant quantity of power, presence of railroad and flexibility of management company in issues of negotiation with investrors. Mr Iannetti had highly appreciated the potential of “Levoberezhniy” industrial park and expressed the hope that a combination of advantages of the area with possibilities of industrial environment in Krishskiy district would lead to formation on the base of “Levoberezhniy” the industrial cluster, which would be oriented not only on domestic market, but also on export. The result of the visit is the intention to develop and strengthen the communication between “Levoberezhniy” industrial park and Italian businesspeople.