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May 22nd, 2018

On May 21st the journal “Expert” published the investment attractiveness rating of industrial parks (IP) and special economic zones (SEZ)

Expert – IP and SEZ rating was released on May 21st.

Taking the 6th place out of 85 parks considered by experts, “Levoberezhnyi” headed the so-called “class A”.

Recently, the competition among industrial parks has significantly increased. Therefore, it is especially pleasant that independent experts assessed the park “Levoberezhnyi” so highly, in particular,their careful work with residents as well as low energy prices .

In addition, the park has the following advantages: its good logistical location, the availability of the railway and its own rolling stock, the high infrastructure readiness and the absence of power limitations, which was recently pointed out by the main general contractors of Gazprom working on the “Nord stream – 2” project, they rented more than 20 ha in the park (see the news of 10.05.2018).

You can find the complete rating chart in the article “Rise with the coup” by the link: