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December 20th, 2016

Last months of the departing year were very eventful for the management team of Levoberezhniy Industrial Park.

Despites early frosts and a thaw that displaced those, such weather alterations did not prevent the management team of Levoberezhniy Industrial Park (LIP) from participation in several industry-specific business events.

First, on the 14th of November, the TOP 250 business-forum took place at Azimut hotel in Saint-Petersburg. It was dedicated to activities of TOP 250 NWFD companies, analysis of their performance in economic crisis conditions, and discussion of some particular cases. Leading experts of the business society shared their predictions of further economic development.

Second, on the 17th of November, organization session of the Leningrad Region oil and gas chemical cluster took place at GKU “Leningrad Region Economic Development Agency”. During the session, a possibility was discussed to combine oil and gas chemical NWFD companies into industry-specific clusters to seek for government support in development and lunching of new products. Based on the session results, the Park management team decided to focus on passing the CAC to obtain the “Industrial Park according to 52-OZ” status and make use of the regional level preferences. However, LIP remains an open platform for any prospective projects, ready to support further contract expansion and negotiate about cluster development, if this direction will evolve in Leningrad Region, particularly in Kirishi.

Third, on the 6th of December, in the course of the III Eurasian Economic Congress, LIP held the session “Manufacturing localization abilities – Eurasian horizons” to introduce successful projects of industrial platform development in Russia. In their speeches, a number of foreign experts described priorities of Western and Asian investors who looks for investment opportunities in the industrial sector. http://www.indparks.ru/press/news/3770/

Finally, on the 14th of December, the concluding meeting took place of the Investment Climate Improvement Council and the Leningrad Region Project Administration. It was led by the Leningrad Region Governor Drozdenko A. Yu. The LIP General Director, Azizov S.A. addressed to the meeting during the section “Investment practices in Leningrad Region – an investor’s experience in an industrial park establishment”. As one of the most important problems to be solved by the region government, he named alteration of the tariff policy, because its limitations force large regional investors to enter the transregional power market, which surely conflicts with interests of local power supply companies, complicates relationships between consumers and network companies. Participants of the meeting introduced some specific proposals to the region administration, discussed measures the government is planning to take to improve the investment climate. Among other meanings, a representative of the North-West regional committee of the European Business Association told that the most part of businessmen polled by his this organization, noticed that the business climate improved for the last 5 years, and that 80% of foreign investors are planning to increase their capital expenditures http://konkretno.ru/sity_obshestvo/94193-lenoblast-80-procentov-inostrannyx-investorov-planiruyut-narashhivat-obemy-vlozhenij.html

Taking into account the forthcoming New Year holidays, we would like to wish all these plans to be brought into life, while luck and business success to accompany us in 2017! Levoberezhniy Industrial Park wishes merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone, lays hopes on effective collaboration with all current residents of the park and those who is interested in such collaboration in future.