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August 20th, 2018

The biggest cryptocurrency farm in Russia has been opened in the park “Levoberezhny”. 

In August 20 the biggest cryptocurrency farm in Russia was opened in the park “Levoberezhny”. 

In addition to mining currencies this company can perform any blockchain operations. For example, sign smart-agreements, build complex logistics chains for valuable commodities, track the food product quality – starting with the information on the farm up to checking the chemical composition of products. 

The legal status for this mining farm in the Leningrad region is expected to be given in the autumn. 

Dmitry Yalov, the Leningrad region Vice-Governor in economics says: “We are working together with the federal authorities, when the final federal law on controlling digital assets is adopted, we will be able to determine in what fields of state management and services blockchain technology can be employed.” 

The company will also be able to rent out computer facilities. The farm is due to bring potentially about 100 bitcoins per month. 

For further information on the event you are referred to the NTV report: http://www.ntv.ru/novosti/2062443/