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December 22nd, 2017

Currently Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade are preparing numerous changes in the legislation to support industrial parks by expanding the mandate by managing companies.

Federal State Government authority is preparing a series of changes in regulations regarding industrial parks. These innovations may have a serious impact on the “single window” strategy of the management company “KSK” in dealing with “Levoberezhny” park platform. On top of that, the government support conditions for private and state industrial parks are going to be made equal. We are talking about implementing a series of changes in Russian Federation Government Regulation #1119 about the opportunity to offer direct compensations for the infrastructure expenditure incurred to the private industrial parks management companies directly from the federal budget, equal to taxes paid to the federal budget by the residents of the industrial park. Thus, excluding the “regional section.” Moreover, there is a discussion about passing over to the industrial park management companies the mandate to control land property within their borders, regarding registration, expert examinations of planning documentation, and engineering investigation, releasing construction permission, putting into service and registration of objects.

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