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March 31st, 2019

In the first quarter of 2019, the following updates were made on the park’s website in the Documentation section:

The following documents were uploaded to the “Information to be disclosed” section:

On the availability of technical access to goods and services January 2019

Free capacity volume January 2019

Test measurements of the actually consumed load in December 2018

Test measurements of the actually consumed load in June 2018

Electrical power balance for 2018.

Report on the special assessment of LLC KSK working conditions

Proposal on prices (tariffs), long-term regulation parameters for electric energy transmission for 2020.

In the “Legal documents” section, the following documents were uploaded:

Order No. 726-p of 29 December 2018 “On establishing a fee for technological connection of power receivers”

Order No. 727-p of 29 December 2018 “On Amendments to the Order of the Committee on Tariffs and Pricing Policy of Leningrad Oblast of 30 December 2015 535-p”