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January 9th, 2018

The industrial park “Levoberezhny” is equipped with
– step-down substation with the allowed (contract) power of 47 MW and the possibility to increase the power up to 143 MW;
– industrial water supply system with the capacity of 700 cubic meters per hour;
– sewerage treatment facilities with the capacity of 17,000 cubic meters per day;
– developed road network;
– the railway line adjacent to the railway station Andreevo.

Tariffs documents

“The key peculiarity of the industrial park “Levoberezhny” is its location within the territory of the former Kirishsky Biockhemicehsky (Biochemical) Zavod (factory) (KBHZ). KBHZ was a very power-consuming enterprise of its time. it means that the park contains all necessary engineering networks for organizing new production facilities. Investors don’t have to spend years on creating the infrastructure and legal procedures. Also, it’s necessary to take into consideration that investors won’t get any additional social commitments when investing into the territory infrastructure.”


The industrial park “Levoberezhny” is supplied with electricity from the Kirishskaya hydroelectric station via 2 aerial power lines with the voltage of 110 kV. There is a substation with two step-down transformations of 110/6 kV with 80 and 63 MV power capacity inside the park.
KSK LLC is the owner of the substation, as it has the status of the electric network organization transferring electricity to consumers in the park territory.
To connect new consumers in a convenient way the electric network organization owns cable networks and 8 double-transformer points of 6/0.4kV (with step-down transformers with the capacity of 1000kVA) situated in different parts of the park. According to the contract the allowed power of KSK LLC is 47861.5 kW.
The management company has installed the automated system of commercial electricity accounting. All the Tariffs are approved by the resolution of the Leningrad Region Tariffs Committee.


There are 2 artesian wells No 1771 and No 1772 in the park territory. Also, water is supplied from the Volkhov River via two pipelines with the capacity of 700 cubic meters per hour.
The operating sewage treatment facilities with the capacity of 17,000 cubic meters per day were built in 1974. Today the capacity is limited to 8,234 cubic meters per day.
Currently, the management company is implementing an ambitious programme of building a new water supply and drainage complex. All the existing Tariffs are approved by the Leningrad Region Government.


The capacity of the road network inside the park is very significant because it was initially designed to serve the needs of a big industrial enterprise.
The railways can be supplied to any part of the park.

The park transport network is connected to A115 regional motor road (Zuevo — New Ladoga). In its turn, A115 is connected with federal highways M-10 “Russia” (Moscow — St. Petersburg) and M-18 “Kola” (St. Petersburg — Murmansk). The distance between the park and highways M-10 “Russia” and M-18 “Kola” is 37 km and 70 km, respectively. The park is connected with A114 highway (Vologda — New Ladoga) through regional motorways P126 and P36. The distance to A114 highway is 109 km.
The park is situated between two largest business and industrial centres of Russia. The distance to Moscow is 590 km, to St. Petersburg is 141 km, and to Velikii Novgorod is 117 km.
The close proximity of the Volkhov River (one of the biggest navigable rivers in the region) provides residents with great possibilities of using water transport facilities in their transport scheme of the production cycle.

There is an inside railway network owned by the management company “Levoberezhny”. It is linked to the first main way of the station Andreevo (a part of Oktyabrskaya railway). The length of the driveway from the park to the station is 6,5 km (the expanded length is 14,3 km).
In addition to the railway, the management company owns two TGM-4 locomotives (made in 1974 and 1989, respectively). These locomotives can deliver and remove train cars for park residents.
All railway service tariffs provided by the management company are approved by the Leningrad region tariffs Committee.