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July 1st, 2017

On June 30, 2017 the issue of industry localization in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine was discussed at the forum in Frankfurt-on-the-Maine, the financial capital of the EU, Germany.

“Levoberezhniy” industrial park had its own stand there.

A number of reports were made by German industry representatives as well as participants from Russia and Belarus at the forum, they were devoted to the issues and perspectives of the industry localization in Russia considering the sanction policies and measures aimed at stimulating the development of the national industries.

The main idea of the forum was to enlarge the business contacts between Russia and Germany. There were a number of meetings arranged by the park authorities during and after the forum, their participants pointed out that despite the serious political situation there appeared a certain tendency for reviving the business cooperation between the EU and Russia.

For more detailed information see: https://owc.de/geschaeftskalender/lokalisierung-in-russland-belarus-und-der-ukraine-richtiger-standort-ist-entscheidend/