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November 11th, 2017

The park “Levoberezhny” has started a new page of their history by sponsoring a youth rock-band. 

Young talented people from St. Petersburg, a rock-band “Megawatts”, have become the leaders of the “Double First” prize for their achievements in the field of rock music and  winners of the international festival “Emergenza” since they appeared at the stage for the first time. This autumn they decided to release a full debut album, even more they were going to make it a double one! Their desire came true! Due to the financial support of the park “Levoberezhny” a music album “Rock and Love” was released, it consists of two disks, each having its original concept and melody. Additionally, there is one more disk attached to the De Luxe version of this album, it contains some exclusive audio and video materials, group backstage and …. the history of the park “Levoberezhny”. 

The industrial park has become a part of the national rock-music history in such an unusual way! In addition to the disks you can listen to the album on all music Internet – platforms and social network Vkontakte https://vk.com/megawattes  and their official site https://www.megawatts.rocks/. 

The park “Levoberezhny” wish the youngsters to achieve new tops, create wonderful compositions and get thankful listeners!