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January 9th, 2018


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“Kirishskaya Servisnaya Kompaniya” LLC is responsible for:
– infrastructure management including the maintenance of railway sidings and roads inside the park, water supply and drainage, power and electricity supply, telecommunications, and the Internet;
– leasing office space;
– assistance in obtaining technical facilities to provide residents with heat (steam) and gas;
– assistance with town-planning documents (project on planning the territory);
– submitting the sanitary certificate on the land appropriateness for the stated purposes;
– submitting documents confirming the category of land plots and the type of their permitted use;
– legal support of transactions on acquiring the ownership rights on the land plot.

The industrial park “Levoberezhny” has a developed infrastructure; it is situated near one of the most developed towns of the Leningrad region and has following advantages:
– the management company has furnished the full set of documents of title to land plots and real estate objects;
– residents can be connected to gas pipelines and heat (steam) networks;
– the residential area is located rather far from the industrial park (more than 2.5 km away). That is why industrial enterprises of hazard class from 5 to 1 can be placed in “Levoberezhny”;
– its location near the town of Kirishi allows investors to deal with staff issues easily as well as satisfy the management needs in social infrastructure;
– the park transport system is connected to A115 regional motorway linking federal highways “Russia” and “Kola”;
– The railway is adjacent to the station Andreevo (Kirishi district), which ensures the proper and regular maintenance of railways and train cars delivery.