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November 27th, 2020

The worse the situation, the more reckless our businessmen are

RBC published an interview with the CEO of the KSK management company about the development of industrial sites in crisis period.

Main points of the conversation:

1. Despite the fact that the investment climate in the country is bad, nevertheless, the state is improving customer focus, and there is more order in the energetic sector;

2. At the same time, regarding the gas supply, so far, unfortunately, there is a priority of the external market over the internal one, and this primarily affects domestic investors and producers;

3. The impact of the pandemic on the functions of the Park turned out to be minimal, first of all, it affected the residents, regarding the responsibilities of the management company for infrastructure support at the site, all work was carried out in standard mode without interruptions. More details about the interview can be found on the link: https://spb.plus.rbc.ru/preview/5fbca0ce7a8aa903be8e88c4